In this grand commercial, we see the most amazing attractions and characters from Hollywood and Bollywood descend upon Dubai Parks and Resorts. After all this is only theme park destination of its kind to bring the best of the East and the West together.

The worlds spiciest flavours are coming your way.

The people have voted to keep the Thai flavour.

Partnering with parents to manage picky eating.

Partnering with parents to manage picky eating.

A promotional activation to celebrate national pride.

The new Cheetos hits starts cheesy, ends spicy.

Every woman’s achievement is an inspiration to another.

Trying something different is a beautiful feeling

Tropicana Frutz has just launched Lemon & Mint to it’s great range of flavours.

Some people think that ice tea is hot tea gone cold. Ahmed Helmy is one of them.


The 24 Hours of Le Mans dates back to 1906 and has become one of the most famous races in the world over the past 110 years. And Porsche has become the most successful team in its history, with 19 overall victories to date. To prove the Porsche Cayennes off-road capabilities we rebuild the Le […]

Only the original taste of Pinar Labneh makes all the difference.

To introduce McDonald’s Arabia’s new platform ‘Life Tastes Better Together,’ we created this film showing the ups and downs of a family.

Working closely together with its suppliers, McDonald’s serves great tasting food made from only the best and freshest ingredients.

Welcome to the world’s first theme park dedicated to all things Bollywood.